PLEK Scan (included with all other PLEK services) $50
Standard Setup (restring included) $65
Locking Tremolo Setup (restring included) $85
Bone Nut Replacement (setup included) $100
Bone Saddle Replacement (setup included) $150
Nut/Saddle Combo (15% savings) $215
Restring (no setup) $20
Assemble Parts (contact for quote) price varies
Hardware Swap (contact for quote) price varies
PLEK w/ Setup $199


Component replacement (contact for quote) $25-60
Electric Guitar Pickup Replacement | One pickup $40
Electric Guitar Pickup Replacement | Full Set $85
Full Rewire (contact for quote) $120+
Active/Passive Conversion (contact for quote) $120+
Battery Box Installation for Active Electronics $50
Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation
(price varies by pickup type)
Shielding | Rear-routed Cavity $60
Shielding | Front-routed
(pickguard mounted electronics)


Fret Level w/ PLEK | Standard Fretwire $150
Fret Level w/ PLEK | Stainless Steel Fretwire $250
Fret End Dress (round and smooth edges, polish ends) $50
Partial Refret (in addition to Fret Level fee) $15 per fret
Fretless Conversion | Unfinished
(includes fingerboard plane w/ PLEK)
Fretless Conversion | Finished
(includes fingerboard plane w/ PLEK)
Marker Lines $25 upcharge
Full Refret (options below) $450+
Fingerboard plane, unfinished/raw wood $60
Fingerboard plane, oil finish $80
Fingerboard plane, satin finish $100
Fingerboard plane, gloss finish $180
Bound fingerboard $50
EVO Frets upcharge $75
Stainless Steel frets upcharge $150
Nut replacement (if required) $80


Guitar Dehumidification $80+
Body Crack Repair
(price varies based on the severity and location of the crack and finish touchup options, contact for quote and in-person consultation)
Acoustic Bridge Lift/Reglue (setup included) $200+
Acoustic Bridge Replacement (setup included) $250+
Acoustic Brace Repair $100+
Broken Neck/Headstock (options below) $200+
Repair Damage, No colourtouchup $200
Repair Damage, Dark colour burst over break $275
Repair damage, Colour match touch up $350
Carbon Fibre and Epoxy $550+
Strip Neck Finish, Raw/Oil Neck $160
Acoustic Neck Reset $500+
**Please note that fretwork may be recommended once the neck fit is complete. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis after the initial repair. Contact us for a quote or in-person consultation.


Modifications can be done upon request. They range from cavity routing to body contouring and fretboard scalloping, etc. These charges are based on an $80/hr labour rate, and vary on the time needed to complete. Please contact us for an in-person consultation and quote for your specific request. price varies


Instrument repairs can sometimes be completed on an expedited timeframe, however there will be a rush fee associated with this request, at the discretion of the technician performing the work. Please keep in mind that some repairs involving structural or finish damage cannot be rushed.

Pricing is based on a percentage of the repair charge, see below.
price varies
Same-day Turnaround 50% (up to $100)
Next-day Turnaround 35% (up to $75)
3-5 day Turnaround (up to $50)

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