PLEK Scan (included with all other PLEK services) $35
Restring (no setup) $20
Standard Setup (restring included) $75
Locking Tremolo Setup (restring included) $100
Bone Nut Replacement (setup included) $100
Bone Saddle Replacement (setup included) $150
Nut/Saddle Combo (15% savings) $215
Assemble Parts (contact for quote) price varies
Hardware Swap (contact for quote) price varies
PLEK w/ Standard Setup (nickel/silver fretwire) $199
PLEK w/ Locking Tremolo Setup (nickel/silver fretwire) $219
PLEK w/ Standard Setup (stainless steel fretwire) $299
PLEK w/ Locking Tremolo Setup (stainless steel fretwire) $309
Tuning Machine Installation | Direct Replacement $40
Tuning Machine Installation | Mods Required $80+
Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Fabrication $75
Electric Guitar Pickguard Fabrication $125+
Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Installation
(price varies per instrument)
Electric Guitar Pickguard Installation $65


Component Replacement (contact for quote) $25-60
Wiring Repair (contact for quote) $35+
Electric Guitar Pickup Replacement | One Pickup $40
Electric Guitar Pickup Replacement | Full Set $80
Electric Guitar Pickup Replacement | One Pickup
(hollow body)
Electric Guitar Pickup Replacement | Full Set
(hollow body)
Full Rewire (contact for quote) $120+
Active/Passive Conversion (contact for quote) $120+
Battery Box Installation for Active Electronics $50
Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation
(price varies by pickup type)
Shielding | Rear-routed Cavity $60
Shielding | Front-routed (pickguard mounted electronics) $80
Shielding | Install Bridge Ground $35


Fret Level w/ PLEK | Standard Fretwire $150
Fret Level w/ PLEK | Stainless Steel Fretwire $250
Partial Refret (in addition to Fret Level fee) $15 per fret
Fret End Dress (round and smooth edges, polish ends) $50
Fretless Conversion | Unfinished
(includes fingerboard plane w/ PLEK)
Fretless Conversion | Finished
(includes fingerboard plane w/ PLEK)
Full Refret (options below) $450+
Fingerboard Plane, Unfinished/Raw Wood $60
Fingerboard Plane, Oil Finish $85
Fingerboard Plane, Satin Finish $100
Fingerboard Plane, Gloss Finish $180
Bound Fingerboard $50
EVO Frets Upcharge $75
Stainless Steel Frets Upcharge $150
Nut Replacement (if required) $60


Guitar Dehumidification
(minimum 3-6 weeks for turnaround time)
Body Crack Repair
(price varies, contact for quote and in-person consultation)
Acoustic Bridge Lift/Reglue (setup included) $225+
Acoustic Top Flatten/Belly Reduction
(during bridge lift/reglue)
Acoustic Bridge Replacement (setup included) $325+
Acoustic Brace Repair $100+
Broken Neck/Headstock (options below) $200+
Repair Damage, No Colour Touchup $200
Repair Damage, Dark Colour Burst Over Break $275
Repair Damage, Colour Match Touchup $350
Carbon Fibre and Epoxy $550+
Strip Neck Finish, Raw/Oil Neck $150
Binding Repair $100+
Acoustic Neck Reset $650+
Note: Fretwork may be recommended once the neck fit is complete. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for a quote or in-person consultation.


Modifications ranging from cavity routing to body contouring and fretboard scalloping can be done upon request. These are based on an $80/hr labour rate.
Contact us for a quote or in-person consultation.
price varies


Instrument repairs can sometimes be completed on an expedited timeframe. A rush fee is chargeable at the discretion of the technician performing the work.
Note: Certain repairs involving structural or finish damage cannot be expedited.
price varies
Same-day Turnaround 50% of repair charge
Next-day Turnaround 35% of repair charge
3-5 day Turnaround 25% of repair charge

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